* Holland House *
North view
West view
Well house
North view after move
North view
Northeast view
Southwest view
Moving day
Master bedroom
Living room
Second Floor
Restoration, repair or improvement of an older home is a specialty trade best not left to
the unpracticed. It has been said, "they don't build them like they used to."  That's not
always a positive statement regarding homes built prior to the establishment of building
codes. The labor put into these older homes is remarkable, but the materials used and
structural designs are not always as good as they could be. ShadeTree Service has the
expertise to enhance your home combining the best of both eras. We would welcome the
opportunity to discuss your project with you, and  describe how we can  make your classic
home everything you want it to be.
The Holland House was built in 1860.  The home was composed of two sections,
displacing the kitchen, as was common in the day.  Both were moved to a new location
and oriented above a new footing.  Eight additions now complement the existing
structure.  The home has been reinforced from the bottom up, but retains much of the
original frame, siding, floors, doors and ceilings.
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